True Blood’s Joe Manganiello The Frontrunner To Play Superman

Since Zack Snyder was announced as the director of Warner Bros. reboot of Superman there has been talk that True Blood’s Joe Manganiello was the frontrunner to play Clark Kent and the man of steel Superman.

It looks like the rumors are heating up again. Ministry of Gossip reports the following:

At last week’s Academy Bake Off, a celebration of visual effects in film, talk around the room (especially from the team working on the new “Superman”) said Manganiello kept popping up in serious talks about a new face for the franchise.

I know there has been talk that Warner’s wanted to go with an unknown and while Manganiello isn’t exactly unknown, he’s not the most popular actor around either.  His name has not brought the same resistance like Jon Hamm but he doesn’t have his supporters like Smallville’s Tom Welling.

Personally I don’t think Manganiello is the right choice to play Superman. I watch True Blood and while Manganiello is not a bad actor, he’s not right for Krypton’s last son. He might be able to pull off Superman, there is no way he’s believable as Clark Kent, he’s just too big for that role.

I am a Tom Welling supporter. He’s played the role of Clark Kent for 10 years now on Smallville and has been progressing in this last season to become Superman. Its only natural that he would play the role on the big screen.

Who do you want to see as Superman?

SOURCE: Ministry of Gossip


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