Harvey Weinstein Planning Cut The King’s Speech For PG-13 Rating

Tuesday in the early morning hours this years nominations for 83rd Annual Academy Awards were announced. The King’s Speech received 12 nominations, more than any other film.

Oscar Bait The King’s Speech was given an R-rating due to many F-Bombs dropped by Collin Firth’s King George as he tries to overcome his stutter. Harvey Weinstein tried unsuccessfully to appeal the rating.

The LA Times reports that Weinstein has decided to go ahead and re-edit The King’s Speech to allow it to get an R-Rating.

The LA Times cites the box-office numbers in England where the film has the friendlier 12a Rating which allows more families the option of seeing the film. Weinstein says of the British box-office success:

The British numbers are huge because the rating lets families see the movie together. Tom and I are trying to find a unique way to do this that keeps his vision of the movie.

Now it’s a little unfair to cite the English box-office numbers.  This is a story of an English King and I would assume the story means more to the citizens of England than it does in the United States.

Now if you want to see the film un-edited the good news is that these cuts will not be made until after the Oscars. The thinking obviously is that after it gets some awards the PG-13 rating will increase box-office.



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