Cast Of Red State To Reunite For Hit Somebody

Kevin Smith recently announced on his Twitter account that most the cast from Red State will be returning for his upcoming Hockey film Hit Somebody.

Hit Somebody is based on the Warren Zevon song and is the story of Buddy McKraken who wants more than anything to be in the NHL, but he isn’t much of a hockey player and is only good at beating people up and being what hockey fans would call a “goon.” Starring as McKraken is Nicholas Braun, the star of Red State.

Below is a screen shot from the end of Red State that as usual with a Kevin Smith film hypes his next movie:

Instantly Smith was asked about Michael Parks, Melissa Leo and John Goodman returning to work with him, Smith responded:

If [Melissa Leo] she’s not too tired from double-fisting awards all year, GOD YES!

If [John Goodman] he’ll have me again. He’d be playing Blue Jay Jennings – Buddy’s first coach.

He’ll [Michael Parks] be playing the French Canadian coach of Buddy’s first pro team

I’m really looking forward to seeing Red State in Radio City and as a hockey fan I cannot wait for Hit Somebody which according to Kevin Smith will be his last film.



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