Kevin Smith To Auction Off Distribution Rights For Red State, Protests Planned

Say what you want about filmmaker Kevin Smith he’s never boring.  This Sunday his long-awaited and much talked about horror film Red State will have its premiere in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival.

Smith funded Red State independently and it currently does not have a distributor. Instead of screening Red State for the press and distributors which is the norm Smith will hold a public auction immediately following the film.  I don’t know how this will end for the filmmaker as I can’t imagine many distributors participating in a public auction and paying the 6-8 million that Smith is hoping for.

If this doesn’t work, nobody really knows what will happen next in regards to Red State.  Smith has said in the past that he doesn’t want to use alternative distribution such as Video On Demand and DVD. Smith in his podcasts has lightly talked about distributing the film himself but would much rather not.

If this public auction isn’t enough, there is going to be a protest outside the theater against Red State! For those that do not know Red State is very loosely based on the infamous Westboro Baptist Church and its founder Fred Phelps.  The Church is planning to protest the screening of the film.  Smith has added more fire to fuel as he has been engaged in a war of words on Twitter with Phelps’ daughter Megan.

And the craziness doesn’t stop there! Smith is organizing his fans and followers to protest the protesters of the film at The Sundance Film Festival. Smith wants his fans to shout and wave around pointless, comedic slogans in attempt to mock the Church.

Like I said, say what you want about Kevin Smith, he’s not boring.

SOURCE: Variety


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