Lethal Weapon Reboot Gets A Writer

Since Lethal Weapon was made in the 80’s and there are no sequels planned for obvious reasons there’s only one other thing to do: it’s time for the reboot!

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has hired screenwriter Will Beall, who wrote the upcoming Tales from the Gangster Squad. Beall is a former LAPD officer and it will be interesting to see if he puts some of his experiences from the force in the script.

The same article also says that Warner Bros. was thinking about doing a 5th film in the action series but Mel Gibson killed any chance of that happening. You also have the controversial political views of Danny Glover so it’s completely understandable that Warner Bros. is a little gun-shy about making another sequel.

What I don’t understand is why there needs to be a reboot of the franchise. Why not just write another cop/action film with a different title? Obviously the answer is because the name Lethal Weapon sells tickets.



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