Joe Johnson Says Captain America Is A Lot Of Fun To Watch

The last week we’ve brought you some photos from Captain America. The photos look great but they are just photos. Obviously they are going to releases the best looking pictures to build the hype for the film.

Hero Complex recently interviewed director Joe Johnson about Captain America: The First Avenger not long after he viewed the first cut of the film and Johnson says:

there is so much entertainment value — it’s just flat-out fun to watch.”

Johnson also talks about Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America:

I was blown away by the subtlety that he brought to the role. It was really exciting to watch him. He added layers to the character that were not on the page and layers that were not in the comic books. He made Steve Rogers into a real flesh-and-blood character and it was fantastic to watch.

It sounds all good but obviously a director isn’t going to come out and say his film that Marvel is spending a lot of money on and say it sucks. It could be that this is a much better experience than he had on The Wolfman but I like what I’ve seen and heard so far about Captain America, can’t wait to finally see a trailer for the film.

For more with Johnson check out the interview at Hero Complex


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