UPDATED! Hathaway Is Catwoman, Hardy Is Bane

Earlier we posted that Christopher Nolan has finally ended the speculation about some of the casts for his next Batman film; Dark Knight Rises.

As soon as The Dark Knight ended there was talk about who the next villain would be.  Many people were saying and hoping Catwoman. Well we got our wish. It was announced today that Catwoman would be in the film and will be played by Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married, Love and Other Drugs). We reported here Hathaway was on the shortlist.


As we have known for some time Tom Hardy (Inception) has been part of the cast. There were many rumors to which character he would play. Many thought he would be playing the villain Hush.  Turns out Hardy will playing a villain but instead of Hush he will be Bane!

Now I know a lot of people think of Bane from the dreadful Batman and Robin. Fortunately that is not how Bane is portrayed in the comics and I’m sure Christopher Nolan wasn’t thinking of the thug who could only utter  Bane while scripting The Dark Knight Rises.  Bane is one of Batman’s biggest villains and has even defeated the Dark Knight by breaking his back in the comics. Tom Hardy has shown he’s a great actor and I think will be perfect for this role.

I think this is great casting from Christopher Nolan and I cannot wait to see Dark Knight Rises.


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