Matt Damon Still Wants To Play Jason Bourne

The next film in the Bourne series is called The Bourne Legacy, Tony Gilroy will be directing but Matt Damon and Jason Bourne will not be in the movie.

Right now nothing is known about The Bourne Legacy, rumors are that James Franco will be starring in the film.

As we know Matt Damon let the project because Paul Greengrass no longer wanted to continue with the Bourne franchise.

Speaking to the The Hollywood Reporter Damon says:

I really hope it’s going to happen. It’s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director. I’ve always said I won’t do it without him and I think it would be a bad idea to do it without Paul.

I really like the Bourne films, especially the Bourne Ultimatum. Greengrass is a great director and did a fantastic job with the last 2 films so I understand why Damon feels like he can’t go on without him. Hopefully Greengrass will decide to direct another Bourne film with Damon.



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