Michael Bay Talks About Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon

Michael Bay in an interview with LA Times spoke about shooting the upcoming and perhaps final installment of the Transformers franchise.

Bay says that:

I’m still having fun and especially with this movie.

Bay thinks with this installment:

we have something to prove.

On how Dark Side Of The Room will be different from Revenge Of The Fallen:

We’re back to basics. The second one was something going on inside of Sam, the way he’s affected and feeling, and that’s a hard thing to do. It’s more mystical, in a way. This one, there’s nothing mystical about it. It’s a good old-fashioned mystery and it’s a tougher movie … it’s funny but it’s not a wisecrack-funny; it’s funnier in the situation.

Michael Bay on replacing Megan Fox and his feelings on the cast:

I don’t want to talk about it, but we obviously replaced our girl, and by everything I see we fared well. I think we have a better cast with this third movie than we’ve ever had.

By those comments it’s obvious that Bay still hasn’t gotten past his resentment of the actress who did to be fair refer to him as ‘Hitler.’  It’s an obvious dig at Fox who may or may not have quit the production.

What’s really interesting is that Dark Side Of The Moon will be in 3D and this is the first time Bay has ever used 3D. You would think that 3D action films and Michael Bay would be a match made in Heaven but Bay in the past had been very vocal about not wanting to do 3D.

Bay explains why he was hesitant to use 3D in the past:

I visited Jim [Cameron’s set] on ‘Avatar’ and I just saw all the blue screen and the big cameras  and I’m like, ‘This is so not me.’ So it’s kind of scary, all right? Especially because I do real-world stuff … this is really hard for me because I’m a die-hard film guy, anamorphic old-school lenses, and there’s nothing more beautiful than anamorphic lenses to me. So going digital was just kind of crass for me.”

Bay on actually shooting the film in 3D and using the camera’s:

Have you ever seen these cameras? They’re big. You’ve got the mirrors — what you’re doing is splitting a mirror, so you get weird refractions. It cuts light. The second camera is always going to be a touch softer because it’s going through a mirror. It sees reflections a little weird. It’ll catch a glare on one eye but it won’t on the other so it will kind of jump out at you sometimes in 3-D

While I’m not a huge supporter of 3D I’m interested to see how Bay uses the technology in Dark Side Of The Moon. I’m especially interested given the fact that Bay was so vocal in the past that he would never use 3D.

Are you looking forward to seeing Dark Side Of The Moon? Do you want to see the film in 3D or do you prefer 2D?


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