Paul Greengrass Making A Martin Luther King Film

The Oscar nominated director Paul Greengrass is looking to make a film about Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. titled Memphis his next project.

Greengrass is looking to direct the film from the script he has written based on research he has conducted on his own. Greengrass is shopping the film to Focus Films as well as producer Scott Ruden.

Memphis looks at the period of Martin Luther King’s life right before his assignation in April of 1968 in the city of Memphis.


This could be a very interesting film, not your standard bio-pic as Doctor King’s life was very hard at this time period. His marriage was in serious trouble, he was drinking heavily, he cut ties with President Johnson due to the President’s backing of the Vietnam War and King’s popularity was taking a nosedive due to the black power movement.

I’m more interested in this film than the 100% biography film as we’ve seen those kind of films too many times. This is an aspect about Dr. King’s life that we really don’t know much about and would be a better film in my opinion to watch. Also sounds like the film will be more about the person Dr. King was than just his life story.

SOURCE: Vulture


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