Directors Guild of America Nominations

Yesterday the Directors Guild of America announced the nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement for a feature film in 2010. Unlike the Producers Guild Awards the DGA still nominates just 5 directors. In the past the winner of the DGA has more often than not gone onto win the Oscar. The nominees are:

Darren Aronofsky: Black Swan

David Fincher: The Social Network

Tom Hooper: The King’s Speech

Christopher Nolan: Inception

David O. Russell: The Fighter

I have to say these nominees are somewhat surprising.  Actually, I should correct myself. These nominees aren’t a surprise, it’s who’s missing that is.  Surprisingly the Coen Brothers are not nominated for True Grit.  I expected to see Aronofsky, Fincer, Hooper and Christopher Nolan on this list. I’m pleasantly surprised to see David O. Russell nominated for The Fighter.

I’m also surprised that this is Darren Aronofsky’s first nomination. Also nominated for the first time is Tom Hooper and David O. Russell.

The DGA will hand out the award on January 29.

Are you surprised that the Coen Brothers were not nominated? Do you think they should have been?


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