Vera Farmiga and Ell Fanning To Play Mother/Daughter In Pure Life

Last year Elle Fanning gave a great performance as Steven Dorf  daughter in Sofia Coppola’s film Somewhere.  Elle shows no signs of slowing down.  Elle will be appearing in Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt Now and Sunrise. She also will be in J.J. Abram’s Super 8 and Cameron Crowe’s We Bought A Zoo.  Now the The Playlist is reporting that Elle has signed on to star alongside Vera Farmiga in Pure Life.

Pure Life will be directed by Van Fischer.  Fanning will play 13 year-old Maya Donovan who wishes to find the kind of love she sees in John Hughes films she sets off in search to find romance and someone to take her virginity.

Vera Farmiga will play her mother.

There is no official start date the production is looking to start shooting in the Spring.

What are your thoughts on this film?  Personally I think the story sounds interesting but it’s just asking for trouble and controversy.  Fanning showed a lot of promise in Somewhere and she has talent.  It will be interesting to see her share the screen with Vera Farmiga who is one of the most talented actresses working today.



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