Eminem Involved In Random Acts Of Violence

2010 was a great year for Eminem.  The rapper from Detroit made his comeback with his album Recovery which was the biggest selling record of 2010.

Vulture is reporting that Eminem is now set to star in Random Acts of Voilence for Fox.  Directing the film David Von Ancken, a director on the Showtime show Californication.  Ancken also rewrote the script.

Random Acts of Violence has an interesting history as a movie property. Originally the film was supposed to be a film based on the video game franchise Grand Theft Auto.  The official synopsis was:

Ex-con named Emile is trying to save his failing repo business and pay for his uncle’s botched coke deal by stealing a string of sports cars.”

Instead of being another movie about stealing cars Random Acts Of Violence will be about

an ex-con (Eminem) fresh out of prison who wants to go straight. The only problem is his crew wants him to rejoin their ranks. And so does the FBI.  The FBI wants him to be a mole in the organization.  Eminem’s character decides to play both sides against each other in order to get revenge for his prison stint.

Sounds a bit like The Departed but the plot has me interested.  Eminem hasn’t been on the big screen since the surprisingly good 8 Mile in which he gives a great performance.  Granted he was playing more of an extension of himself in that film but he showed enough acting chops to keep me interested in his next project.

Sound off, are you looking forward to seeing Eminem back on the big screen or would you rather him stay in the music studio, recording his next hit album?



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