Writers Guild Of America Nominees

The Writers Guild Of America announce it’s nominations today.  disqualified for whatever reason are award favorites The King’s Speech and Toy Story 3.  There were a couple of surprises in the nominees as some of the scripts nominated have been virtually forgotten.


Black Swan: Screenplay by Mark Heyman & Andres Heyman & John McLaughlin.  Story by Andres Heinz

The Fighter: Screenplay by Scott Silver & Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson.  Story by Keith Dorrington & Paul Tamsay.

Inception: Screenplay by Christopher Nolan

The Kids Are All Right: Screenplay by Lisa Cholodenko & Stuart Blumberg

Please Give: Screenplay by Nicole Holofcener


127 Hours: Screenplay by Danny Boyle & Simon Beaufoy.  Based on the book Between a Rock  and a Hard Place written by Aaron Ralston

I Love You Phillip Morris: Screenplay by John Requa & Glenn Ficarra. Based on the book written by Steven McVicker

The Social Network: Screenplay Aaron Sorkin. Based on the book The Accidential Billionaires written by Ben Mezrich

The Town: Screenplay by Ben Affleck & Peter Craig & Aaron Stockhard. Based on the novel The Prince Of Thieves written by Chuck Hogan

True Grit: Screenplay by Ethan Coen & Joel Coen. Based on the novel by Charles Portis

I did not expect to see Please Give at all but I am pleasantly surprised.  The screenplay is excellent and it’s good to see that film get a little recognition.

Another surprise nomination was I Love You Phillip Morris.  Many people thought that this film would be a big player in awards season but after sitting on a self and getting released it seemed to vanish.

As far as my picks on who will win I think in the best adapted category it’s a lock with The Social Network.

I’m pretty confident Inception is going to win most original screenplay but I wouldn’t count out Black Swan.


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