James Franco To Direct As I Lay Dying And Blood Meridian?

I don’t know where James Franco finds the time.  Franco is currently getting his PHD at Yale, he’s getting ready to co-host the Oscars, he will be reprising his role on General Hospital, he’s currently shooting Maladies and now he has decided to try an option to literary classics; Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian.

Scott Rudin, producer of Blood Meridian recently spoke to indieWire and downplayed the report that Franco is involved with the film.

There have been attempts over the years to bring Blood Meridian to the screen but it’s one of those novels that is hard to adapt, not to mention very violent.  Ridley Scott has been attached to direct for a while now.

Roger Friedman spoke to Franco and reports that Franco is working with Faulkner’s estate to get As I Lay Dying onto the screen.  Friedman reports that Franco will be writing the script and directing the film.  Fox Searchlight would be the studio making the film.  Friedman says that As I Lay Dying is the one Franco really wants to make.

It sounds that Franco is close to getting the rights for As I Lay Dying and it could start shooting this next Spring, which is also when Rudin plans to start filming Blood Meridian.

One thing about James Franco is he’s never boring and is not looking for an “easy” film to be the first film he makes.

SOURCES: Showbiz411, indieWire


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